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tv   [untitled]    November 4, 2013 12:30pm-1:01pm PST

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figure o how that defeat would this become and how said that have influenced the committee and the scientific developments it stem from you can go on and on. that's the power of the two students as i walked into the school today they videotape me and they're taking notes and going to create a blog about this event that's the realtime power that our students need to have in the 2 to 3 environment. this engages our students not with about reality of today but with the vision of tomorrow. so to all of our partners i won't tell thank you enough on behalf of the 8 thousand
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individuals that touch the kids in some quasi shape or form this is huge. this is the flag that we've planted that says not only are we the technological mess tampa of the world we're going to make sure our schools are technology invite - it was publicly minded at the kresh in the end >> (clapping) please enjoy this musical
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interlude. and i'd ask you to dance >> it's nothing like the paying bells of yes, sir. take care year; righ
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(laughter) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ >> okay. i think as principle mentioned this likewise, the students to transition from one class to another and i reflected upon the fact i forgot to introduce two important folks i apologize but i'd like to do that now. one is our which kind of of technology who's been congratulating great and that's matt kingly. thank you matt and his wonderful
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team (clapping) >> you'll see folks wearing those shirts saying sales force foundation. and there's employees who sit next tow kids and work with students and their absolutely examples to our students of what technology looks like. it may look like them. they're great examples so thank you for being here. thank you (clapping) >> last by certainly not least we've partnered with sf city and tried to work with all our technology innovators around this vision of what it will look like. we couldn't have done this without the herself clinic work of ron conway so thank you for
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all your partnership. with that ladies and gentlemen, it gives me great honor to introduce the most diversiony mayor this is someone who says what he means and this is the testament to that vision. in is city we don't have memorial controls of our system but this gentleman sees our system as part of the fantastic of the citizenry in san francisco. wu you can't have a world-class city without a worldwide system. i would do anything for minimizing handsome and this is obviously he's had anything for us. but it gives me great, great honor to introduce the mayor of
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our city, mire ed lee (clapping) >> thank you very much and good morning, everyone i'll speak quickly before the next interlude. thank you richard for your expert leadership for the board. open occasion my. i've had a number of dinner meetings and they'll i couldn't me what's our passion and the things you have to get done. in any. what's on my mind was a lot of different problems. in the backdrop wove having had
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cutbacks from the state and that was already surging with governor brown's leadership but again the statistics with ron andcytes invited us to her house and we talked about that with friends. so rendering and i reviewed with the folks the statistics and we've gotten one big one was the improvements of our schools being the number one improvements last year in all of the public schools in california the rainy day fund in our school district was beginning to pay off. what's going on behind that and we discovered the big drop off
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in the middle schools that's where the truancy starts and the resources were very much lacking even though we had as a city the elementary schools and the high schools were getting some great attention and the college track who's here today we've partnered with them and their i they've been there and we're participating there see teachers of america were there and they really wanted to bust you up this effort but we saw the middle schools being the caljic so i asked for the names of all the school principles and i got that and we met with them and had the first real lunch and we
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talked. with that we also were able after the first dinner meeting we had our first donations that susan and ron gave and said before you talk about this large system show us what you can do with one school it was for martin luther king school to give the technology support and some resources so we began already to fliesh in our minds given the statistics of the drop off and the truancy and all the other issues but what trafrd with our meeting i met 12 principles who were passionate about their sites and the families and each of them developed a whole list i have things they kind of wished in
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resources were not a limit what could they do to create a pitcher with the city and private entrepreneurs to change around the equity issues. that agenda was created at it first meeting. i delivered we had 12 enthusiastic principles who were passionate about teaching and wanted to best and were not afraid to step out of the box and suggest to richard and the school board it was not about being taken over by anything it was about a promise that we made a long time ago we would invest in collaboration with everyone to come up with the best ideas were we sat down at that meeting
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with susan and the sales forces folks and began that conversation. i want to say this is just the beginning. we have found great partners in sales forces foundation and certainly mark and lynn have a passion for this city that's been here for 3 jargsdz we see it in all the things they do but in particular we were able to have a conversation that i haven't had ♪ long, long time. the last time i was asked mr. lee what you, you really want to do it was in college a professor asked me he was asking about my life expect sisters but i have not been asked since college and
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mr. benny house file has had occasion to ask me that when the cities has a lot of entities that wanted to be the most successful region and city in the whole world including the teachers and be part of it. that is a question that will be with me for my entire years at the helm of the mayor of the city but i'm happy to refine it. and so today, i'm proud to announce that this partnership with our unified school district emanating y from where i described with mr. benny house file and a number of technology companies nooshl investment of $2.7 million for the middle schools to begin with that will
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fill the gap that was described but it's many, many more than that. if you look at the whole agenda that those principles give me you'll know they want you mean to invest in people and this is the most important thing. i know there's some articles that is a gosh urging tow getting a lot of money it's not about that. it's whether we're ready to receive it in the way that results will multiple 10 to twelvefold. and i will have to say as glad as i am to have met and work with those 12 principles their trouble causeers because they've invited the other 7 principles
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of the k schools to come at me but created the buzz that we wanted to say with every teacher of the unified school district and that's about the excitement of being invested in for our kids. and so we picked the partner with united way to help us handle the money and united way is a wonderful partner. they helped me find the 6 hundred plus jobs with the private entities they work with. so the larger picture is about public and private pifrpz with our city with successful companies like sales force and i think as popular the companies are beginning to exhibit their floifb floifb goals and what
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kind of society do we want to lead. this is a question for every tech company i'm glad to these those companies here today, you'll notice ann display with an a and as you sit here now good with a z. every tech company that has a letter in their name a there z are going to be part of the journey of not only transforming our education system as described as struggling in the past with a lot of different barriers and opening up to our effort to involve a larger picture of what our residents and their families really want to do in the great city of san francisco and how do we attract those families to stay here. i go to technology visits every
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tech tour tuesday and meet with thirty or 40 employees of those companies and many of them know their ipos won't come in like other families they want to be here and work in jobs by the first thing is what are we doing that the schools. that's the birthing sign of viechltd. the best investment is to create a family here because that means you've got fabricate in the way we've treated our schools and the private-public partnering we have. in addition the technology gap that sales force is helping us today with offer $1.7 million in
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the other person ipads and the tinge goes with it is the training of features tea administrators. that's similar to what auto deck zinc gesture offers. it's the support mechanisms. it's one thing to announce the gift bus it's the best thing to be able to receive it with the highest level of care it deserves. this is what we want to do because i know about mr. benny will be part of this for a long time he invests. vichltd is long term until your goal of skews is done. i want to see the kids successful in every school.
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i want to thank sails force with mark who will speak. it's a inspiration of people and resources. the single largest financial single year donations it's appropriate to make this announcement here they went one step further and this is what technology companies try to do that's why it's a joy to work with p them. he asked about what we want to do mark when he asked me that he said i'll go one stapling step i'll do something that i think about trigger the additional $1.2 million a one hundred thoughts to each principle for the principles innovation fund challenging the principles to
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think outside the box kowa you what do you need. i didn't dictate at all to any of the things the principles came up with only to suggest this is your opportunity to really be creative this is not you to do you came to san francisco it's not just a splarn it's about being a part of the san francisco fabric. and mr. benny house file and the work sales company has given us this up to this point. it helps us to think outside the bongs and the final question that benny house file has asked me when we're through dealing with the equity question when
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we've gotten comfortable with technology the question will be which is a it that you want to do with education in san francisco. i'm happy to entertain that question along with a large group of partners through sf city and sales force. we've begun those conversations and we're going to have a lot of outside meetings to demonstrate if resources were not a barrier what do we want our community to establish with the companies. that will make me more excited about all the transcribe lags of shut downstairs and strikes things that would drag a mayor down to the deepest of depression but to signal that we
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have great partners in our business community that demonstrate their love for our city and this is the appropriate way to introduce a good friend the ceo of sales force, of course, that's mr. benny house file >> (clapping) >> well, we're so lucky to have such a great mayor in san francisco. aren't we? (clapping) >> and what the mayor said is absolutely true we live in a newer have an. it's a remitting small city 7 by 7 miles but full of rich resources that are represented by the people here.
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you don't have to go outside this building to see the beautiful especially scenery. we're so blessed. now i'm part of the industry that's going through an amazing time it's a time like unlike any in the city the innovation and new ideas and technology that's blooming is amazing. you see it in one city in the world right here in san francisco where we now have thousands of new companies that have emerged and most of them funded by ron conway right here so thank ou ron (laughter) >> now we'll use our time in an inappropriate time if we
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didn't think about how to get back we're creating wealth and resources and capacity and we're fortunate we were created the same day the sales force foundation. susan has been the founder of that we put 1 percent of protein and sales time so this is not our first contribution to the school district we're here for the long hall. and what i really ask is all our technology peers sales force and as you sit here now good can give back anonymous money they know where the money should go is give them the money and the
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technology is important but not the end all we all know that. i've been putting schools in the public schools since 1998 we have thousands of folks in san francisco they get 4 hours a month paid off for volunteerism we want them to come and do the work in the schools. we have to remember this is about one thing our children. the most important resource in san francisco. when we think about our children we need to remember our children need a great education which is why we invest our children need great health that's why we're building our benny hospital as well and make sure our children are off the streets and have
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great homes that's a super important part. and those are the 3 things we're focused on health, education and shelter for all our kids. i want to thank you for giving us this opportunity and thank you to our mayor wholly who's phenomenal and your leadership and all of you the fluoroscopic partners and the school district everyone here contributing to create a he better san francisco this is a great day. thank you very much (clapping) >> let me introduce our wonderful principle as well (clapping). >> so thank you everyone for being here. you know, we have at the great
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bonus of being dr. martin luther king we think of his dream and it's amazing we can compare our dream to the students now. the underline base is the same we want all children to have quality education and jobs and just putting it out there to sales force. especially on this side of the city too much students don't think about the kind of careers in technology and with a college degree and technical degrees and all the was a to educate themselves to be part of the future. so one thing is when the kids see the t-shirts 33 they see themselves maybe i could work
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for the mayor or be the superintendent not too much want to be the principle. we want to visiting i to see the kids and technology in use. so we're going to ask the two folks we have 3 groups we're going to ask you to come and join some classrooms we don't have room for everybody but if you can stay we'll take you around for the second showing of the classrooms. thank you so much for being here i'm speaking for my comrades and all our students thank you for being our reporters you two (clapping) >> thank you so much for being here and i think that wrapz it
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up we can go to our groups. thank you so much. we can go to our
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